Credit repair


Buy with me and fix your credit for FREE!
My buyers get free credit repair services that last a life time.

1 in 5 Americans have inaccuracies on their credit report.

No contracts, no wondering how long it will take, no monthly charges, no hassle.
If you purchase a property with me, at closing, you will receive a check back for credit repair services.



Credit repair services include …
-Initial consultation
-Free credit report and score
-How to stop collection calls immediately
-Removing your public information
-Negotiation strategies and debt settlement
-Never pay collections 101
-How to apply for credit cards with high limits
-Budget and utilization
-Identity theft reports
-Fair credit reporting submissions
-Credit repair letters you can use forever


I will take you through the process step by step on how to repair your credit with simple tools and repair letter templates you can use forever. You will have everything you need and be an expert in repairing your credit.


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